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Janssen's Model offers research-based theory and methods for change and development that have been used for many years around the world.


Will you be leading the change process at a company, municipality or in a non-profit organisation? Or do you want to guide others in their development and growth? Read about our certification programmes here. These programmes make you a certified user of Janssen’s Model, allowing you to work professionally with all our tools, analytical instruments and support materials.
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Time for a change – for you, personally or in your role as leader, or for your entire organisation? Change consultants have supported changes using the models based on the Four Rooms of Change theory for four decades. We have competent, experienced consultants who are all Janssen’s Model certified.
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Company licence

Many companies use Janssen’s Model every day in their business and organisations. Contact us if you’re interested in using our entire concept. We’ll explain the advantages of a company licence and how we can adapt it to suit your specific needs. 
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