Being able to successfully lead people through change is a priceless skill. Especially in these times.


At Janssen’s Model we know how to lead and develop both individuals and organisations through change processes. Our methods and tools are based on the extensive research of Dr. Claes Janssen, which lead to the Four Rooms of Change theory. Our certification programme will give you knowledge and insights paired with effective tools and methods for leading change. 
Our certified change leaders contribute to results and development in all types of businesses, locally and worldwide. 

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Claes Janssen

As the originator of the Four Rooms of Change it is with great satisfaction that I have sold the ownership, copyright and all other intellectual rights to Wilson Utveckling AB. The cooperation agreement with the previous supplier regarding rights to certify in Four rooms of change has ended.
With contentment and inspiration I look forward to the developmental work that has now begun and will be offered through the new trademark Janssen's Model. I want to wish all the very best.

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Olle Rydqvist, CEO PE Accounting AB

In our efforts to grow continuously, we rely on management that is able to lead change. We have chosen the Four Rooms of Change theory offered by Janssen’s Model. Simple and practical, it is easy to implement. It is one of our key instruments, chosen to manage the changes necessary to achieve success. With the Four Rooms of Change, we established a shared understanding of management in the company that created harmony in the midst of changes that are inherent to every successful company’s everyday situation.
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Roland Sjölin, CEO Svensk Fastighetsförmedling in Arboga, Köping and Kungsör

We noticed major improvements already after the initial introduction of the Four Rooms of Change theory. We are a small, tight-knit team that has taken on major challenges. Thanks to Janssen’s Model, we were able to navigate more safely and confidently through the changes we needed to make in all three locations where we operate. There’s no doubt that this was a definite factor in our success, helping us to focus on doing the right things in the right way.
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